Acid pours from your fork ed tongue, as my ears once again, begin to bleed.

I scream a silent scream while my blood inches its way down my neck to rest in between the valley of my breast.

One lone tear tracks down my cheek you watch unaffected while it trails down to mingle with my blood. I tug on the knife you have plunged in my gut narrowly missing my heart.

Is that maniacal laughter I hear coming from your open jowls? Or is it all in my head? My insides now exposed I can see the darkness that lurks there.

I have witnessed your death many times in my mind to no avail, cause here you stand in front of me. The bane of my existence, ironic without you I wouldn’t exist.

Your broken promises now fall on deaf ears, as they have bled one too many times listening to your lies.

I am perplexed by your wickedness. How could something so good emerge from your loins? I am lost and terrified. Does evil really beget evil? Or do I still have a chance?

I raise my chin to show you I know longer fear you devil. Yet, I can feel you peering into my soul with those cruel lifeless eyes. Knowing my boldness is false.

You are the demon that keeps me awake at night I know you can sense my fear from miles away but what you don’t understand is that I know longer fear the demon you have become I fear the demon I may become.

I stand tall and proud all the while my heart is shredded into a million pieces. If only you could see the hurt you have caused, if only you cared!  Would that change you?

I can smell your sweet stench, the sulphur you emit tickles my nose and as I try not to breathe you in the bile slowly begins to rise.

I begin to sway, dizzy from the overload to my senses. I can no longer hold back the vomit and I spew the blackness that was me and is now you.

I wipe my mouth clean, and I see through tear filled eyes you are gone. Were you are mirage? Will you come back? When will this nightmare end?

I see you now demon for what you really are, It doesn’t matter anymore if you try to hide. I have caught your scent now, and will continue to cast you out.

I don’t have to be brave to be rid of you, I just have to have faith, faith in myself, faith in my goodness, and most of all love in my heart…


<a href=””>Perplexed</a&gt;


<a href="">Perplexed</a>





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