This is my first advice blog ever! As I just opened up the blogging arena a couple of weeks ago  for advice giving I had just a couple to choose from. I thought this next one was appropriate given that this is my first one. Here goes.



What qualifies you to give advice? Do you have a doctorate? How do you justify being able to give good advice?


The answer to your question is none! I don’t have a doctorate. No, I didn’t go to school to give advice at all! It boils down to the sheer number of life experiences I have had that make me more than qualified to understand others issues!

How many people do you think that have gone to school to give advice and charge you hundreds of dollars actually know and understand what you have been through. Or if they have ever even been through. Or if they have even been through anything at all that would or could scar you.

It’s kind of like someone preaching hell and damnation to you when they haven’t actually seen the pits of hell themselves! How can he preach to me about hell and damnation when he’s never even been through real, hell! I think it takes a certain brokenness to give good advice and I have loads of it.

Personally, I would want advice from someone who has been in the trenches and lived to talk about it. It gives them a unique qualification for the job. Plus they are more compassionate to your issues instead of the cold business of money exchanging hands to hear your problems.

I have been in those trenches. I have touched the edges of hell. Yet, here I am ready to share and give the wisdom I learned from my own mistakes. Hoping to help prevent someone else’s future heartbreak. I hope this answers your question.


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