Have you ever read that book? You know the one. That book where the Shifter wolf escaped his bonds in hell to chase his mate through the streets of London just so he could claim her as his. All the while dragging said bounds behind him as he pounded the pavement on all fours and, it all started with the gentle whiff of her perfume.

Have you ever seen that movie? You know the one. Where guy meets girl and each of them just know it was meant to be. Yet, plot twist throughout the movie keep them apart till the very end and then. They make magic together. It was truly meant to be. Oh, how they complete each other.

Have you ever watched that TV show? You know the one. The one where guy meets girl or vise versa and you know at the beginning they were meant to be but once again the plot twists keep you on the edge of your seat with bated breath until at least season 5. For five seasons you just keep watching, waiting, for any sign that they will get together. It is literally like one long drawn out foreplay session. Then they get together and fireworks ignite. Which is what you knew would happen if theses damned writers ever let them get together. The episode you have been waiting on for so long happens and then the show is canceled. Just like that, it is no more. Just like that everything you have been waiting for gone.

What does all these books, movies, and tv shows have in common you ask? Well, they end right when things start to get interesting. I mean I am always left wondering what happens now? Now that they are together what are they like? Will the fighting ever stop? Will they live happily ever after? What happens after the beauty of their beginning wears off?

I want to see the fights that ensue because he I don’t know maybe he is a midnight farter in the bed! Maybe she chews her nails and it drives him bonkers. I want to see what happens after the last page is turned. I want to see their story after the credits roll. I want to see what happens after the last episode airs. There are so many unanswered questions to so many  things I will never get the answers to.

Yet, I know it is just a fantasy land. The beautiful people in these  stories don’t exist. I want the real stuff. Like why did she gain 100 lbs. during their marriage? Does he still look at her the same? Did he have that much hair when they met? Or as he always been this bald? I want to see all the struggles after marriage, has taken it’s hold on the pair after a few years. That to me is the beautiful story. That is the story we are all in search of. The story of the hot young couple twenty years later. Sagging in places and gray but still look at each other with the love they began with. It is the most poetic love there is.

Though, I doubt that story will ever be told. I can’t help but wonder one day what if? I will be there with bells on to read or see it.

I have decided I will write this story. It may be one of fiction and non- fiction alike we will never know. Each week I will write one story that will  be about the reality of that dream couple after the bloom has fallen off their rose. Real life couples as they should be not how the fantasy land portrays it to be.




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