As you know due to my past blogs I believe in soul mates. I believe that there is that one person out there that will set your soul on fire and be the end of you. Yet, at the same time they are the very air, you breathe and you wouldn’t no couldn’t live without them.

That is my husband in a nutshell! I don’t know where I would be without his love and support and I love him even more, every day that I find another gray  hair or have to go up another size in my jeans because he sees none of that. He sees me as the twenty-something girl I was when we met and he continuously makes me feel like that girl I once was.

After a very rocky start to our relationship (we both kept letting the past get in the way) he proposed. I of, course said yes and the rest, as they say, was history. Or is it?  Starting with his proposal things didn’t go according to plan as we had to keep moving the wedding date due to circumstances beyond our control. However, I know that God was bound and determined to make our wedding happen no matter what our bank accounts said.

Being from a broken home and watching the sheer number of marriages my parents racked up I was terrified of getting married. After I jumped my husband and looked like a total bitch for a fight we had been having for a while that was when he decided to propose. He had been planning this huge proposal all day and I kind of ruined it for the both of us. So  you can imagine my surprise when he got down on one knee in front of God, his mother, and our one-year-old child and professed his love for me and promised to love me all the days of our lives.

Shocked to my very core I was stunned into silence well, almost silence. I look back on that day and am horrified at what my response was. Now crying but still a little angry from our earlier spat I meant to say “yes, of course, I love you too” but what came out was “if the ring fits!” I know right, still horrified 15 years later. Well, the ring fit and I lost it I bawled  and knew in this moment we would be together till death do us part. He is after all the love of my life the yin to my yang my soul mate.

Still a little cautious about our impending nuptials I prayed every day that God would give me a sign that this was meant to be. Unlike my parents, I planned on doing this only once. As the wedding loomed closer and closer I was more and more anxious but then things started to happen that could only be explained by a higher power. Like the wedding dress.

I had a vision of what I wanted and nothing I had seen up to this point came close. A girl at work overheard my concerns for a dress and she said, “I have one I will sell to you for a hundred bucks”. Now looking at this girl she was a good 200lbs and about 5″4″ I thought no way would her dress fit my at the time size 3 and 5″8″ height it just wouldn’t compute. The math didn’t work. Being the nice person that I am I said, “sure bring it in I will try it on.” Not really believing it would work out. She had told me her woes of having planned a huge wedding and right before the wedding the groom got cold feet and ran off. Her brand new $5,000.00 dress was still getting altered at the time. Fast-forward to three years later and they were now married but they had eloped and she wanted to be rid of the dress that now brought back such memories. Still skeptical over our height and weight difference it was a jaw dropping moment when she brought in the dress of my dreams. The exact dress I had envisioned for my wedding but had yet to find. An even bigger twist was when I tried it on it was a perfect fit and length. It was a sister of the traveling wedding dress moment. I was so happy I bought it on the spot and only paid about ten bucks to get the hem finished. The dress had never even been worn.

Then there was  the centerpieces for my tables at the reception. I had wanted to get little fish bowls with a ribbon cut edge at the top.I had seen them at Hobby Lobby and they were beautiful I thought maybe some ribbon wrapped around the top ( the colors of my wedding) and some crystals in the bottom with floating candles in them (also my wedding colors). Yet, Hobby Lobby wanted about twenty bucks for one! I needed thirty! My budget wasn’t feasible to get them. Then one day as my future mother in law and I were hitting up all the yard sales. I saw one with a sticker on it that said 5cents.What, I told the lady I would buy it and that I wished that she had about twenty-nine more for my wedding. What she said next floored me she said, Oh, I think I do. I have a whole case of them in the back I will sell the whole thing to you for 5 dollars!”  Of course, I bought them and guess what there was exactly thirty!

This was my aha moment after the dress and getting some flower arrangements for free because my mother in law knew someone that owed her. It was my sign. My sign from God saying take a breath this is supposed to happen. It was meant to be and so I did with a smile on my face and love in my heart. I stood before God and everyone and gave my heart to the man of my dreams and I have never looked back. I know that it was meant to be and he was meant for me. If 15 years of wedded bliss is any indication…

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One thought on “WEDDED BLISS

  1. I wish you had posted a picture of this AMAZING DRESS you speak off!!! I am very happy reading your story. It’s beautiful to know that in this day, there are still some of us who strive to make it work with one and only one husband…

    Truly inspiring!!! I thought this topic would attract a lot of love stories, apparently not so many… Thank you for the read, absolutely fantastic

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