Ah, youth! It’s such a fleeting thing. I remember thinking when I was 17 that the year I turned forty would be in 2016 and man it was a hell of a long ways away. Yet, here we are decades later and I am about to be forty. Time sure flies when your back is turned. It seems as if it went by in a flash and slowly all at the same time.

I have gotten married watched my kids grow up and even witnessed the man of my dreams get grayer by the year. It is amazing how fast it has gone. I think of those dark days and at the person, I once was and smile. You, know how they say you can’t go back again well. I really never wanted to. Why go back to a time when I wasn’t my true self. A time when I had yet to find the me I am today, Who would ever go through all that pain again? That journey of self-discovery!

I feel for the youth of today. The mistakes they will make along their own journey and the discoveries they will find. Today’s youth feels an entitlement I never had and I wonder why? Who gave them the idea that they didn’t have to work for what they want? Who gave them the idea that everything would be given to them on a silver platter?

I would like to slap that person! Even my own son at the very same age I was so long ago now feels that all good things come to those who wait, and wait and wait some more. I never raised him to be like this. It must be a societal thing. Society, today has really screwed us parents who are only trying to make our kids great and self-reliant. Yet, their selfishness knows no bounds.

I feel that when I look at my son who is about to enter the big bad world that he is so unprepared because he doesn’t listen to my sage advice. I know what I am talking about here I lived through my teens remember! I just hope for his sake and all the youth around the world that their wake up call will come sooner rather than later.

You have to work for what you want. You have to make things happen. Only you can choose how your story will wind up, but first, you need to get off your ass and off my couch because before you know it. You will be forty and wondering where the hell has the time gone…




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3 thoughts on “TODAY’S YOUTH

  1. The thing is, when you were young, you most probably brushed off your parents advice because you thought they were old fogies. Your son is also doing the same, like most kids. It’s a generation gap phenomenon, but don’t worry, you think he doesn’t listen but he has probably registered it. One day he’ll appreciate your advice

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