You ask me to see the world through your eyes. How can I when you are the one with blinders on. They say the EYES are the windows to our soul. Can you see my soul? Can you see how it aches for your petulance. It aches for all your misgivings that you can’t see. It aches for the way we should be.

Through your eyes I see me. The me, you think I should be. Yet, you can’t see that I am so much more. I not what you expected and you can’t see that I have so much more to offer than your expectations would allow. It saddens me to think that you may never see me for what I really am.

You may never see the error of your ways and we will never see eye to eye. I feel for you but I got a life to live so I will live it. This is the end of us unless your blinders are removed and you see the world and me for what we really are. Yet, I know in my heart that will never happen. Come close look into my eyes… What do you see?


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