You remember the column Dear Abby right? Or am I just showing my age here? Dear Abby is a column founded in  1956. By Pauline Phillips under the pen name  “Abigail Van Buren” and carried on by her daughter Jeanne Phillips, who now owns the legal rights to the pen name. The Dear Abby column even has its own Hollywood Star!   As I am always the person comes to for advice

As I am always the person comes to for advice. I have decided that I will be doing an advice blog. Have you ever just wanted advice from someone no strings attached! I’m your girl. Now days you don’t hear of any advice columns or people willingly giving much-needed advice for free that is. They have been replaced by very expensive therapists.

If you need free unsolicited honest advice from  perfect stranger that you can take or leave I’m here! Who knows maybe an unbiased third party is just the ticket!

Once a week I will be choosing one fellow blogger from the questions they provide who will, of course, remain anonymous. I will give them advice by way of a blog. If you like you can even use a pen name as the name I address you with.I haven’t decided what to call it yet so please chime in…advice goes both ways.


I understand if you feel uncomfortable yet, I do give great advice…


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