I couldn’t think of a post individually so I am writing one with all three words in it. Here goes:

Let me PAINT this picture for you! I grew up in a small town in the south. With roughly 2,OOO people where everyone knew your name! In a town that people pass by never intentionally meaning to stop there on their way to the big city. In a town where 8pm seems like midnight because everything is shut down and your only light to guide you down the road is a few street lights. In a town, that only one road takes you both in and out of town. The kind of town that you only see in the movies as the small town girl is leaving you see the cornfields for miles out the bus window and there is always that one rusted out car in the yard or up on blocks. Only, instead of cornfields, it was cotton!

Let’s not forget the train tracks. Why is it every small town has train tracks that cut right through the middle of town and people have to wait for the train to pass in order to continue on with their day and of course, the rickety old train Tressel the train rambles over every single day.

There was also the token black church that I just realized was odd since there was only two black girl in my entire school! I envied that church with its perfect little steeple, its picturesque beauty, and all the shouting going on inside. They weren’t afraid to let the whole town know they were there to PRAISE the lord.

It was a town that held old cotton gins sitting around decaying. The weeds growing up around them a solitaire reminder of days gone by. I grew up in  town where ordering from the local pizza joint on Friday nights for their “special” was the high light of my weekends!

I grew up in  a town with that one rich family that practically owned everything. You hated them! Your only wish… is to have a fraction of what they have. Last but not least you have that one guy in town you know that guy. That guy that was so handsome it blinded you to the fact that he was the town jerk. That guy that was so hot he couldn’t have possibly come from your little town. The one that had the looks of a movie star and all the arrogance that goes with it.

I didn’t grow up in a town where everyone loved everyone, you couldn’t leave your doors unlocked! I realized long ago this town was nothing like the small quaint towns in the movies! I don’t know if it was due to my home life or if it was just my perception of this one horse town but all I ever wanted was to leave it as fast as my two legs could carry me.

I never had the LUXURY of seeing the town any other way other than a death trap. At one point in my late teens, I imagined that I would one day I would come across the crack in the earth in this very town that just happened to be a doorway into hell!

This town wasn’t full of happy go lucky people. It was full of despair, laziness and white trash! There were no civil war reenactments or southern bell dances. Just cotton fields as far as the eye could see. It was as if the sheer to better themselves were sucked out of these people. They were content living like trash on welfare never having any ambition never having anything to call their own. Save for those rusted out cars and run down homes.

I knew at a very young age this town was WRONG in so many ways. Just the feeling of dread and unwillingness to do anything was soaked into you once you entered my small town.

Too many times while riding my bike through town. I have seen babies running around outside in dirty diapers and nothing else with no parents in sight. Too many times did I see joe blow with his car up on blocks again or for the past several months altogether, Too many times have I witnessed couples screaming in the yard because one or both cheated again! Too many times have I witnessed another classmate give birth before graduation.

I knew by the time I was sixteen there was something in this town that just made people not care… about anything! I have never seen such unwillingness to be better than their circumstances. It is almost as if they were, are some sort of pod people! My town seemed to be the setting for every horror flick set in a small town. Even then it astounded me that these people appeared to be content living on welfare and never even attempting anything bigger. Now it appears I was right all those years ago. I know in my soul if I hadn’t of left when I did I would have never left!

This town is like a magnet if you don’t leave when the opportunity arises you never will! You are just stuck there like a fly caught in a stick trap. From what I hear nothing’s changed in the almost twenty years since I left either.

I lived in a small town where everyone knows you! Yet, I was invisible with my parents that abused me on a regular basis and no one knew. Maybe that’s the definition of a town that makes serial killers! Again, I refer to movie mania!

It’s no wonder I needed to get out as fast as I could! I didn’t care when, where,why, or how? I just knew if I didn’t get leave once I was of age and out of high school I would be strangled to death by all the dreadfulness.

Now after living in several major cities. I may have a longing once in a while to go to those quaint little southern towns you see on tv but then I remember deep down that is just in the movies. This is real life! These small towns don’t really work that way. I no longer wish to be  part of a small community where everyone knows everything about me. I am just a small fish in a big pond and it suits me.

I left that small life sucking town and never regretted it. I have lived, loved, and saw some of the beauty this world has to offer. It has been an amazing ride! Someone from that old town once said to me,”you said you were leaving when you graduated and would never come back. Who knew you really wouldn’t come back!” It is almost sad to think I got out and they are still there! Yet, I feel a relief on my soul that, that wasn’t me!

I do think about this small town and I can’t help but smile! It may have been my origin story but this small town taught me that I want something better, something more… and I got it!

To all of you still trapped in your small town it’ never too late to get out! Run, run for all you are worth! You only have one life to live after all…



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