Today I turn sixteen! Today is the day everyone will see me turn for the first time. There is no turning back. No more running away no more hiding in the shadows. This is the day I embrace my destiny. I look around at the family gathered around with bated breath. I am watching them watch me anticipating the moment of my change. The CLOCK strikes 12:00 and all hell breaks loose! The air is sucked out of the room as if a giant vacuum was switched on. The temperature rises exponentially and my lungs begin to burn. I feel as if I might suffocate in my own skin standing here in the great hall waiting, waiting for this moment.

A cold sweat breaks out on my skin raising the hairs on the back of my neck as instant heat engulfs me. Not only am I suffocating now I may actually going to be burned alive from the inside out. I am sure my insides are all but liquefied.

My vision becomes blurry as tears form in their now murky depths. I try to gasp for air but never seem to get enough. I am dying I know it, I am going to die while everyone watches! My skin is on fire and I begin to tear at it if only to get a moment of peace from the relentless burning.

My skull is now splitting and I can hear it shattering in my ears. Blood now pours down my arms from the gouges I ripped in them. I start to choke on my own teeth as they come loose and fall out. I grab my hair and it comes loose in my hands. My bones start to crack and I feel as if they are grinding to dust.

I fall to the floor in agony I try to scream but nothing comes out. I am bleeding from everywhere and I cannot stop it. In the distance, I can hear and animal howling in pain and then I realize it’s me. Pain shoots through my fingertips and I look down to see my nails flying off and claws replacing them. Course animal hair is sprouting from the gouges in my arms as I watch the arms turn to mush and slowly slide away.

Fangs sprout from my now toothless face as my sense of smell is suddenly heightened. My mind reels as a dizzy spell hits me and I force the bile back down my raw throat.

Then there is nothing! The pain is gone as if it never were and I rise up in the pile of goo that was once me. I am strong I can sense that. I am healed from the searing pain from just moments ago. I look up at the mirror in the ceiling and for the first time I see me. I see me through new eyes. I am beautiful a grey wolf the size of a car! With now crystal blue eyes that I just know will glow in the dark.

It feels as if hours have passed and I look up at the clock. It has been exactly one minute! What? All that torture for one minute! It doesn’t matter anymore! I am alive and now in my true form. I feel free as I head out into the moonlight for my first run as a wolf…






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