Admiration has become a popularity contest! Who does the average person admire today? Usually, it is the person with the most money, fame, or popularity!

We no longer look up to those that made a difference. We admire material things that really have no bearing on our lives!

Whether we survive in this world is not counted by the number of designer shoes we have but the quality of our feet and the paths we take.

When will we stop admiring the stars when we should be admiring those in our world today that strive to change us for the better.

I can’t remember the last time someone’s good deeds were plastered all over the news instead of the name “Kardashian”! Why? Is it really more news worthy that some rich girl is doing something to get on the news yet, again? I know I don’t care!

Maybe if the news started showing good in this world along with the bad we could make a difference. Showing all the violence and hate on tv does nothing but breed more hate and violence! It is time, we start seeing humanity’s good qualities!

I have nothing and no one to admire in this day and age! I guess I will have to look to the greats of our past for inspiration…

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