“He was an elusive sot.” She thought with a smile on her face. Sammy had been playing this game of cat and mouse with the infamous criminal mastermind diamond thief she had ever seen!

Five long years now and it had indeed become a game between the two of them! She didn’t know his name or even what he looked like but she knew she was close to catching the scoundrel. She could feel it this time. Sure she had said she was close before but this time, she could feel it in her bones.

She had to give the guy props, though. Leaving no trace of himself behind except the trail of tears leading to all the broken hearted women he left in his wake. “Scoundrel is right!” she thought again for the millionth time in the last five years.

If she could just get her hands on a picture or something to go off of one of his many conquests. Yet, Casanova, as she had labeled him continued to slip through her fingers. The name seemed to stick now even the press was calling him Casanova!This latest raid landed her in Spain and it had yielded nothing. Frustrated her cab pulled up to her house. She was finally home. Her wonderful fiance Glen was home now. She missed him. She had been gone chasing the unattainable for the past three weeks. She was desperate to get home and to his loving arms.

All she wanted to do was snuggle with her baby for the rest of the night! While on the case chasing “Mr. Casanova” three years ago in Peru she met the man of her dreams. An American Journalist who travelled anywhere and everywhere in the world to get his story. Now here it was three years later and they were engaged she working for the CIA and him a burgeoning Journalist.

They were two peas in a pod and she couldn’t be happier! Now if she could just catch Mr. Elusive she could proceed with her wedding plans. She paid the cabbie and headed toward the cute little bungalow she now shared with Glen. As she approached the front door swung open with one hot ass man standing there in nothing but an apron!

“I’m so glad you’re home baby”, with that familiar lustful gleam in his eyes. Right before he engulfed her in a bear hug. She could feel how much he missed her pressing up against her leg through the thinning fabric of the apron.

Releasing her he grabbed her bags and ushered her into the dining room to sit. He had prepared a feast and in that moment her stomach growled. Realizing she hadn’t eaten since this morning she now knew she was famished.

“Welcome home my love eat”, he said as he poured her a glass of wine. There were drippy candles all over and soft music seeping into the room. She was glad she had called him when she landed or she might think this was all for someone else.

She smiled wide now as it reached her eyes she thought “I am the luckiest woman in the world!” She stood and hugged her man once again as she voiced her thoughts. “I am the luckiest woman in the world! You are too good to me baby! Thank You!” As she smiled up at him.

He looked her right in the eye with his usual mischevious twinkle in his eye and said “Just call me CASANOVA BABY!”  as his lips descended upon hers…







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