This week I was moved just by the prompt! The aged structures in the pictures really capture a sense of listlessness and stillness that can only come from an abandoned structure. The other picture was so full sound I could hardly hear myself think. The octagonal building with the red pieces of broken glass. I can almost hear it shattering along with my heart as it breaks. The view it is amazing again I can hear the wind howling through those amazing peaks and valleys.

This week we are supposed to create a post about something you’ve left behind. Based on the disused twentieth-century structures that are gradually falling into decay. Physical manifestations of a time we’ve only just left behind, Anyway we want to write it so here goes.

This reminds me of any movie or tv show where it is very far in the future and the people come across an old rusted out car, or a sign, or a ferris wheel that has been out of service for ages. Their curiosity at what these items are or could have been used for astounds me.

It makes me think the message here, despite images they present is “LIFE FINDS A WAY!” Cities crumble, buildings deserted and left to rot, lands devastated. Yet, human life always bounces back from such atrocities. What is left behind is set in our history, the history of our triumph our survival!

These monuments we leave behind are beautiful in that they are a reminder of where we as a people once were and how far we have come!

Things and people I have left behind were probably for my own good. The choices I now make now are for my own happiness. I have had enough turmoil to last a lifetime! Too many to ever look back and be sad about the ruins of my past. I have learned the echo from my past will ;go on forever! It’s how I chose to handle it that is the key.

Much like an abandoned building my past is full of decay and rot! I tended to it for as long as I could before I realized they mold spores from it began to affect my present. Now I can breathe!

While I still see the past from a distance I no longer feel its pain!  Again it is beautiful in its simplicity like the abandoned building my past is now just a remnant of who I once was and a reminder of how far I have come…

<a href=””>The Things We Leave Behind</a>


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