What would I save for posterity? That is easy, books! They are on the verge of extinction as just about any book can be bought as an ebook anymore.

Don’t get me wrong I understand this is the electronic age and I too have a nook and a kindle! Whatever happened to going to the library, checking out a book, sitting for hours, letting your imagination paint the story’s picture for you?

I can almost smell the pages while I turn them, even now! I am not talking about the dime store novels or the vampire and zombie books that now clutter the shelves either. (EVEN THOUGH I DO LOVE THOSE BOOKS)

I am talking about the great writers of the past! The ones that decades even centuries later are still just as good. Their names reverberating through time forever!

I am talking about the greats like Shakespear, Chaucer, and Hemmingway!

I actually bought “A MOVEABLE FEAST BY ERNEST HEMMINGWAY” recently and as I was telling a young girl at work about him she said, “WHO’S EARNEST HEMMINGWAY”. WHAT!  I was shocked and speechless (for those that know me know that is a near impossible feat) How does someone, anyone, not know that name! I was appalled and saddened.

That our society has fallen so low that there are people out there that don’t know who the great writers of our past are! It breaks my heart and even now pisses me off that even when you do buy one of these books as an E-book there are all sorts of revisions and foot notes to help you understand it better.

Although they do help, it takes something away from these great works of literature that you can’t get back and in what I think breeds laziness! You don’t get the full effect of what the writer is trying to tell you because there are easy to read descriptions. The Bible is just the biggest one!

Yes, it is a new world with so many electronics but must we forget the greats that came before us! Must we forget the ones that opened our world and changed literature for the better! It pains my heart to see how low this country our world today has fallen into such disarray!

We need to save our books, our history! If not for us then for our children or our children’s children! Who knows the next Hemmingway, Chaucer, or Shakespear could be one of our children but they are too busy playing video games to ever realize their potential…



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