I dive down to the DEPTHS of my soul and pull out the black tar that now clings to my fingers. Sticky with an aroma that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I examine the essence of evil I hold in my hand.

I can see the tears I have shed, the anger I have screamed, the pain I have hid from the world and myself. The blackness seems to be feeding off my pain and torment.

I shake off this black tar as if it burns. I watch as the tar dribbles onto the floor like molasses and I back away half expecting it to give chase and jump back into me.

I walk away and for the first time in my life I can breathe a deep earth shattering breath! I peer into my now clean soul expecting damage caused by the black tar. What I find shakes me to my very core!

My soul is beautiful a white glowing orb of light! It warms my heart and washes away the memory of my past. I can actually see down into the depths of my soul now. It is filled with love, honesty, and respect.

I see now, my soul and I are one! It supports my beating heart while soaking up all the positive things now surrounding me. It has escaped the depravity of the black tar and I sing its praises. I no longer feel the drudges of the tar weighing me down.

I have a lightness in my soul as well as my step. No more crying, no more hurting just love and respect for myself. I will treasure this moment to the depth of me…





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