Frail! This word pisses me off! You think I’m frail because I’m a woman, right!

You think I’m frail because I don’t do the same job as you! Might is not always right, you know! My strength is in other areas!

You think I’m frail because I get emotional during a really good movie! Well at least I have a heart and it’s good to show that even if it comes out during romantic comedies!

You think I’m frail because I back down from a fight! You see I know how to pick my battles! If I can’t win it’s not worth fighting over! I may not win the battle but I will damned sure win the war!

You think I’m frail because my views are different than yours! My views are not yours and that’s okay! I am allowed to have my own opinions!

You may think I’m frail for these and many other reasons. Yet, did you ever stop and think maybe I am the strong one and you are the picture of frailty!

I am a woman! I am strong where it counts. My mind is as solid as a rock! I can give birth one day and the next day work like nothing happened! I am emotional because I feel, still, waters run deep! I am a lover, not a fighter, but if I must fight I fight for freedom, family, and love! My views… My views are my own! I am a woman and I am entitled to my opinions and thoughts! So what if they aren’t the same as yours! Our differences is what makes the world go round! My emotional decisions are based on love and the protection of the ones I love!

If you think I am frail that’s okay! I know who I am and I know my strength and weaknesses!

If this is what frail, looks like. I carry the label with pride!


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