A storm is coming! I watch as the sky and clouds begin to band together as if to “no sunshine for you” A chill runs down my spine.

I can feel the change in the atmosphere and I smell the ozone mixed with rain approaching from the lightening in the distance.

A zing of excitement courses through me as I wait, anxiously anticipating the moment I will feel those first drops of water on my skin!

The scent of rain is now so pungent it fills my senses to the brim. The smell of dirt and rain cause me to stand here and stare at the dark sky in wonder! It brings to mind such words as refreshing, cleanse, renew, and rebirth!

I can literally taste it on my tongue and I rejoice in the coming storm. As it quiets the storm raging inside of me!

The wind picks up as it lifts the tendrils of my hair to send them flying! I too, feel like I could fly in this moment!

I marvel at the storm as this is one of those rare times that a bright sunny day can be turned to night in a matter of seconds!

The first droplets of cold, clean water splash my cheek and a giggle escapes  my lips as it runs down my face.

Thunder is now upon me ringing in my ears! With each boom, my heartbeat picks up the rhythm! As the thunder picks up speed so does my beating heart! “Boom boom! Boom boom!” Keeping in time with each other. I feel as if I am one with this storm!

I hear a “crack”… as lightning strikes right over my head. Just as the heavens open up and a downpour descends from the clouds!

I begin to twirl with my arms outstretched, and my head upturned catching every drop in my open mouth!

In this moment I feel as if I am the only person in the world. I feel a freedom unparalleled to anything I have ever felt! My soul is being washed clean and my once heavy heart is now light and unburdened!

As the rain pours down, so do my tears! A mixture of the heated saltiness and the cool rain water run down my face indiscernible  from one another!

My tears are tears of joy! I am heady at the thought of all my demons washing away with this storm!

Suddenly the rain stops, the clouds part and the sun makes its entrance as it begins to warm me from the inside out! The birds come out of their hiding spots to bath in the puddles while others catch their dinner in the softened ground!

I stand here clothes plastered to my body soaked from the heavens nectar!

A smile on my face I look up at the now cloudless sky! While the sun kisses my now drying hair. I feel whole, rejuvenated, alive and the storm… the storm is over!


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