You are more than welcome to be a GUEST in my home! However, here are some house rules you must abide by:

  1. LEAVE THE TOILET SEAT DOWN- Even if you have to lift it. Place it back down when you are done! A couple of secondary rules to follow number one are as follows: A) Never pee on the seat if you do please for the love of all that is holy clean it! B) Always, Always, and I can’t stress this enough Always, flush the toilet!
  2. DON’T GET INTO MY CABINETS AND REFRIGERATOR WITHOUT ASKING FIRST- My own kids have to ask before doing that why would you be any different? It is only polite! It’s called manners!
  3. PARENTS MUST SUPERVISE THEIR KIDS AT ALL TIMES- I am not a free baby sitter!
  4. IF YOU FIND SOMETHING THAT IS “LOST” IT IS NOT LOST- As it is in my house and not at a lost and found! It belongs to me! Including my alcohol! It doesn’t travel well! The old adage here is not “Finder’s Keepers” in my home!
  5. IF YOU BREAK IT YOU BOUGHT IT- (NO EXPLANTATION NEEDED) If you need this explained to you. You will never be a guest in my house, to begin with!
  6.  YOUR, “WELCOME” IS NOT TO BE OVERSTAYED- This is not the movie “MAD HOUSE” Guests, do not stay forever!
  7. UNLESS YOU PLAN ON PITCHING IN WITH THE BILLS SHUT SHIT OFF- Save a dollar! Turn the lights of when you leave the room and no long distance calls!
  8.   REMEMBER MY PETS LIVE HERE! YOU DON’T- They are a member of this immediate family! Treat them as you would treat me!
  9. NO OPEN INVITATIONS- Just because they are your friends doesn’t mean they are my GUESTS!
  10.  RESPECT MY PRIVACY- There is no earthly reason for you to snoop through my stuff. If you are caught snooping! Then I get to snoop!

These are my house rules! Because it is my house these rules are subject to change or be added to at any time! Break these rules and you will politely be asked to leave and will never be a GUEST in my home again!

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4 thoughts on “GUEST

  1. Interesting rules; but also very strict. A post relating how your guests have coped with these rules can be interesting. Have some of your guests failed to respect some of these rues? Which ones? What did you do? Just curious. You don’t have to answer these questions here. You may consider writing a post instead. Just a humble suggestion. I hope this goes with you.

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    • Well these rules wouldn’t be on here if each and every one of them hadn’t happened to me at some point! It is a. Moot point as no one really comes to visit that often. But since I have many more stories on the subject I may just take u up on your advice and do a follow up blog later! Thanks 4 your comments as always it is appreciated!


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