Cowardice is a word I don’t see or hear very often but should be used more than it is!

We see or hear this word and I don’t know about you but my mind jumps straight to the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz!

Yet, with all the newsfeeds lately my mind goes to very different things than the ever popular fiction that is the Wizard of Oz!

My mind goes to all those cowards out there that cannot take responsibility! for their actions! Those that hide behind guns, badges, race, even their own religion! We are all people why are we killing each other just because we ate different!

I don’t get it! We all bleed the same we all hurt the same! When it comes to the fundamental core of us we are the same!

In God’s eyes, we are all his children! So why are we turning on our own brothers and sisters!

My God is love! Do you really think that the Great Allah or whatever deity you pray to would welcome you with open arms into the afterlife or heaven or whatever comes next for killing your own brothers and sisters!

I get that some people are atheists and I don’t care! I know for me personally I wouldn’t be here. Living, breathing, saved to write another day without some sort of higher power!

Sorry, I began writing this on Cowardice and other things fell out! But it’s true I am sick of people! I am sick of mass shootings and then they say it was in the name of their God! How much more blasphemous can they be?

Or people getting away with things due to their status hiding behind their badges or their podiums. Saying vote for me I will make this country better. All the while doing devious things and getting away with it!

I am tired of people terrorizing neighborhoods and then blaming it all on the color of their skin or their society! We were all given the will to make the right choice! When will we start?

We are all the same if we could just remove our rose colored glasses and see that! If we could all just get along!

There would be no more COWARDICE only love and bravery! The bravery to open ourselves up to one another and make a change!

We will all be judged one day, the way the world is going it may be sooner than we think! When God comes down to gather his children bad and good alike! He will be our judge, juror, and executioner! So why are we judging one another now! Why not wait and let the big guy do it for us! He is our creator after all!

As it says in the BIBLE in ECCLESIASTES 3:20


Broken down we are all nothing more than dust! Why argue, fight, and kill over a speck of dust that will return to dust…


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