Emptiness is a lonely business! You can have a full life and still be an empty shell of a person.

Nothing inside but cobwebs and regrets. Once you are empty it leaves room for all the negativity that seems to be drawn to you like a  magnet.

Before you know it you are depressed and once all that emptiness turns into depression it becomes harder and harder to escape.

So it becomes a cycle of emptiness and depression. Then it becomes a matter of who will help me expel my demons!

I am now empty! Void of all emotion! Dead inside save my regrets, disappointments and emotionless thoughts!

No one can know the emptiness I feel! They will never know what it’s like inside my shattered mind!

It’s dark and foggy with a hint of desperation! No light at the end of this tunnel and the emptiness is suffocating me!

The loneliness is killing me as I suffer in silence!

Then I break my silence and find peace, peace from the loneliness, peace from the emptiness and my depression is gone!

I see things more clearly now! The sky is bluer, the grass is greener! The birds sing their little song a little louder! As I vow to myself to never be empty again…


<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/empty/”>Empty</a&gt;


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