I have been going back to my country roots here a lot lately! I have always loved country music yet I think, I separated myself from it for many years because anything that reminded me of my past was… well taboo! Yet here lately I have been finding more and more country songs that I love. Maybe it is just that I haven’t listened to it in so long. Or is it some kind of universal sign that I am ready to embrace my country roots again?

I have always been a country girl at heart and the songs I have been hearing lately are reminders of those good times way back when. The few and far memories I have that are good are surrounded by my fave country singers. It is not always about losing your dog, your wife, and your house. But about something deeper more  meaningful than that about where I come from. How I view the world and I am done being afraid or ashamed of that.

I know all the stuff I heard way back when was good and most of it was about finding that one person that rocks your world. You know, the one! I used to think as a teenage fantastical girl. How could these guys sing such amazing love stories if they haven’t experienced it for themselves! My response was always the same they can’t!

I know better now I mean after all they are just songs right? Yet they still evoke that fantasy in me of true everlasting love. Maybe I am just a romantic at heart or maybe it is just a really good freaking song! Those oldies but goodies such as JOHN DEERE GREEN! It seems the title is stupid yet the teenager so in love that he had to write her name in John Deere Green on the water tower for the whole town to see for years to come. That is pretty freaking romantic!

As I have been dissecting my memories from the past for my autobiography. I recognize most of the good memories are from those times. Those times where I was foot loose and fancy free in my daisy dukes with a fishing pole in one hand and a drink of some concoction in the other. It was those times when I was allowed to be the country girl I now know I am and will always be.

I lost that for a while and yet, the last few weeks I know the universe is bringing  me and country music together again. Most of what I have been hearing lately isn’t about losing your wife, your house, your dog, or even true love. It is about being you, and being happy inside your own skin. It is about enjoying life to the fullest while we still can. Enjoying the sunsets, the sunrises, the little things.

I went to a southern rock concert last night and as I watched my husband get drunker by the second (it was for his birthday after all). I felt that moment of peace and joy wash over me. Realization hit! He is himself, no matter if he was drunk or not! In this moment he is the very definition of what it is to be COUNTRY! No care in the world, living for the moment, loving me and life and I loved his little-drunk ass all the more for this moment! This moment I will never forget!

All this music I have been hearing for the past few weeks all clicked in that moment! They sing about being free, and being themselves if you don’t like it the don’t care they just pour another beer instead! I felt closer to my country roots more than ever… in that moment! So I want to thank all the sexy country crooners for bringing me back a piece of myself! First Mr. JASON ALDEAN for reminding me about those old DIRT ROADS while smoke blows out the window! Second, Mr. LUKE BRYAN for reminding me about MY KIND OF NIGHT! Last but not least FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE for reminding me that THIS IS HOW WE ROLL! Thanks, boys you have reminded me of not only what it is to be a country girl but also what it feels like as well!






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