The term FORBIDDEN! Stirs up all kinds of dark twisted yummy fantasies in my mind! Everything is forbidden in the world I live in while I read or write about the taboo love that the human and the filthy wild beast of a shifter fall in love. Or how about the woman that succumbs to Dracula’s eternal kiss. It is a magical read and one that I for one enjoy thoroughly.

Darkness falls and all manner of a Forbidden creatures come out to play. They creep and they crawl into our hearts and right off the page. They slither into your home and while you sleep invade your dreams. They come out to play and all you can do is be afraid… be very afraid! It sends a certain thrill down your spine a mixture of fear and excitement at the prospect!

To literally see the werewolves shift from a normal everyday human into the crazed beast chasing me around on a full moon howling at it while saliva hangs precariously from his mouth. To feel his warm breath on my skin. Right before he attempts to take a bite out of me. Wonderous!

To get mesmerized by the Vampire that we soon make me his beloved while I have no memory of how I got here or where we are. Watching helplessly as his ice cold lips press to my vein and he begins to suck.While the dark demons emerge from the sewers to take his place. Amazing!

These are the things I conjure when I hear the word forbidden. There are so many possibilities…


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