Everything you think you know about country girls is FALSE! We don’t talk shit on anyone! We don’t have the time or the energy for all that cattiness.  We love to kick it  as just one of the guys. No matter how far we go country music is in our soul. We ain’t afraid to speak our minds and we,can drink homemade shine with the best of em.

We love with all of ourselves and we love nature. Whether it be morning noon or night we would rather be outside kicking up dust than shopping. We don’t care about our looks that much take us or leave us we don’t care. We love fishing and getting that redneck tan. We can’t wait till the sun goes down so we can build a fire anywhere we, please. We love getting caught up in the races and who caught the bigger cat than politics. We love our short shorts and our tanks. I have one in every color.

We never met a stranger and we don’t care about the latest trend. I can see the dust blowin in the rearview mirror right now from the gravel road I am speeding on. Tractor pulls and motorcycles. This is how we roll. Who’s rolling with  me…






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