Darkness falls and I run! I run for my life as if there is not a screaming howling beast behind me. The pounding of his paws are keeping time with my racing heart and I know he will catch me. A thrill of anticipation courses through me at the thought of getting caught! Or is that fear? What will he do to me once the chase is over? Will he sink his teeth into my tender flesh and tear until there is nothing left? Will he force me into submission and have his wicked way with me?

One thing  for sure is my breathing has now become labored and the inky black spots dancing before me let me know I am at the end of my rope here. As the darkness blankets the night my only light is the full moon shining down on me like a beacon of hope.

What kind of sick game have I found myself in? Is this the end for me? Will I live to see the sunrise? As I make my way through the thick forest of trees I know that one way or another my life will be changed forever.

I can no longer breath right and the beating of my heart has drowned out all other sounds save the ringing in my ears. I can actually feel the blood roaring through my veins and I know at any second I will pass out.

Suddenly, I can feel heated breathing on my neck and I know he has caught up to me. As I turn around to face him the moonlight slips through the cold winter branches and he is now nose to nose with me. A snout longer that I first thought and eyes so black they seem to be soulless. He is magnificent and the most beautiful wolf I have ever seen. He is leering at me as if I am his new snack and the everlasting drool finally slips from his powerful jowls to the ground as he bares his fangs to me. I do not dare look to see where it landed. I cannot take my eyes off of him for fear he will indeed take a bite out of me.

He sneers and a low rumbling growl emanates from him so powerful it shakes the ground we are standing on. A low breath escapes me in a cloud of mist as I finally give up and let him know he has won. He can eat me or he can take me either way I am done running. He unleashes a piercing howl that shatters me. Thank God the darkness began to close in on me as the ground rises up to meet me as I pass out…

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