IT WASN’T THE FIRST TIME AND IT WOULDN’T BE THE LAST… Shelly knew this was the moment that would haunt her forever! As she slipped on her clothes and quietly made her way out of the hotel room. She hated herself for this every time she cheated she loathed herself more and more. She was only doing it because of that one night! That one night when she got a flat tire and tried to call her husband but got no reception. She walked home in the pouring rain only to find he was sleeping with some whore in their bed. 

Now, after a year of watching him flirt with everything in a skirt she was getting her revenge. Yet, it just made her feel dirty and cheap. She had come to care for Glen over the past 6 months her mistress of the night but she hadn’t realized when this all began it was destroying her soul. 

She should have just filed for divorce and let this whole thing go but now, Now she was at the point that she wanted to take everything from her husband. Revenge was a dish best served cold after all. 

Maybe this would be the last time. As her courage began to overtake her a smile crossed her face. It was time she took her life back. This was it the moment that would change her. It was time to got to war…








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