We are all made up of LAYERS! There is that part of us we let the rest of the world see. That part that is the outer shell of our existence. That part of us that they make assumptions about and judge us solely on the what’s on the outside!

Then as they get to know us they realize there are many other layers than what they initially thought! Those layers make up the person inside and if we are lucky those layers leak out to the outside and people can see the real you upon looking at you!

Sometimes, just sometimes they can’t see the real you even though you are putting it all out there. They don’t see the broken pieces of your soul shattered into a million pieces constantly trying to mend itself. They don’t see the heartbreak and the loss you have endured. We tend to hide all of that from the world and as I sit here I wonder why?

Why not let the world see the broken parts of you as well as the good? Are we ashamed of those parts? Or are we just scared of the judgment that is sure to follow? We live in a cynical world now where everyone always assumes the worst of each other. So why not wear those battered and bruised layers of ourselves for all to see. Like badges of honor!

We survived those traumas and we should be shouting from the rooftops that we came, we hurt, we conquered! Once you get to a point in your life where you no longer care what others think of your outside it frees your other layers up to come out into the world. I no longer care what people think of me. I know what I am! I know who I am! If you love me love all of me and my dark layers. If you don’t Oh well!


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