” I don’t want to DEPRIVE you of my presence but I have put in for a transfer,” Brad said as he leered at Samantha. She snickered and finally let him have it after 3 years of being the most annoying most distracting arrogant asshole she was finally free of him!   “I am so happy for you” she sneered as she rolled her eyes.  “I can’t believe you ae going to leave us and deprive us of all your arrogant, whoring ways”, she said sarcastically.

“Oh you still have a couple of weeks to get in my pants” he smirked with that self-serving smile that always made her want to punch him in his hot little mouth. She had had so many wet dreams about this asshole and it just pissed her off to no end. She couldn’t stand him even though he had saved her life on more than one occasion. He was her partner after all and he was good at his job. Among other things, she had been told by him that he was good at!

He made her sick thinking about all of his supposed conquests and it has been her experience the more a man talked about his sexual prowess the more he was trying to cover up! Usually, that meant they were bad in bed! Yet, why did she get the sense that he really was just bragging! Maybe she would have to throw him one before he left!

She giggled to herself as he looked at her perplexed. After all, she shouldn’t DEPRIVE him of the one thing he has wanted for so long…




<a href=””>Deprive</a&gt;


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