Tourists suck! Maybe I feel this way because I never travel! Yet, they annoy me with their constantly getting lost and asking for directions. Or asking what street what monument is on! They cause even more traffic to an already congested city while I am just trying to get to work on time!

I understand for certain towns it brings in good revenue but I don’t live in any of those towns. Maybe, I am just jealous of those people that get to travel to some new location. Somewhere different! I no longer live by any real beaches yet I would go in a heartbeat and become one of those annoying tourists.  I do have a travel bucket list and one day I hope to see all that is on my list. Like Italy, Austrailia, and Fiji. Those are exotic to me. Yet, now that I am writing this I wonder how the locals feel. Are they sick of seeing the clear blue waters in Fiji, or the endless outback in Austraila, or the grape fields for miles in Italy! Do they wonder what the other side of the world looks like? Or are they content living with all the breathless beauty before them?

I wonder! I guess the only way to find out the answers to these questions I am pondering is to go there and ask them!


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