Pleasure comes from all sorts of places! I am sure for most people their first thoughts upon hearing the word PLEASURE is sex! Yet, there are so many more things out there like eating a whole bag of Lays Potato Chips in one sitting! (Yes, I have a problem with the salty goodness that is Lays Chips). They are beginning to become the bane of my existence since I can no longer have them.

But that is my example here are some of my favorite things that give me pleasure:

  1. WRITING- Of course, that is number one. No matter how bad a day I am having. I begin to write and everything from the bad day at work to the kids screaming at each other just falls away and it is just me and the tale I am telling!
  2. FIRES- Sitting round a fire with some good friends and some good booze on a Summer night or early Fall. It becomes magical and brings a sense of peace to my weathered soul.
  3. SUNSETS AND SUNRISES-  Another peaceful moment for me. It is as if I am one with the earth and nature as I slowly watch the sun set or rise over the horizon. I feel small in the world but a sense of peace washes over me knowing I am just a small part of something bigger than myself.
  4. FALL TREES- Again, peaceful to see all the beauty there is in the world. As I have stated in a previous blog Fall is my favorite time of year. It is the one time of year nature lets you know there is a being more powerful than myself and his miracles are all around us in the colorful hues of the Fall trees.
  5.  DANCING IN THE MOONLIGHT-  There should be no explanation needed. If you have ever found yourself swaying in the breeze in an open field while the full light of the moon smiles down at you. It brings out something primal in all of us and I relish in it.
  6. MUSIC- No matter your mood! A good song will always do the trick to get you tapping your foot or tearing up. It is I believe the universal language of us all! We all no matter what race, religion, or gender we are appreciate a good tune!
  7. KIDS- My kids may be brats at times but who’s isn’t? Yet, those rare moments when they wrap their arms around me in a warm hug makes everything else worth it!
  8. SPOUSE- Not just for sex! My husband has been by my side through a lot of crap that I fear men today would never deal with.They may think it is easier to just walk away than to deal with the situation. I fear for all the unmarried ladies out there! I think I got the last good one! Sorry!
  9. BOOKS- Regardless of how much longer they will actually be around! Since you can get just about any book as an e-read now! I still love the feel of a good book in my hand and to smell the pages as if they were calling to me. Especially if it is a worn book! I will never get enough of the smell of books!
  10. BEACHES- As the sand squishes between my toes and the waves lap my feet.  I spot another sea shell to add to my collection! This is the closest to God I will ever feel. Letting the water he provided me wash over me cleaning my soul and walking barefoot along the seashore on the soft sand he provided me. A breeze gently lifts the tendrils of my hair and a smile washes over me. Completing me!

This is the top 10 things I get pleasure from! Maybe you could sense a sort of theme here! Yes, all of them give me a sense of peace in a world gone mad! They give my chaotic thoughts a moment of peace. What give you peace?

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