I am on an ISLAND unto myself! Population ONE! What I say think and feel goes unnoticed to the wildlife surrounding me. It is as if I am the one that does not belong in their environment yet, I do. I think the Natives are getting restless urging me to vacate this island I call home with their screeches and howls under the moonlight. At least they now see me. I long for the day when they acted oblivious to my existence.

Now they see me yet, do they really? Upon closer examination, they would see I am one of them. I am a creature of the night and of the day. I am a being with thoughts and feelings and a hunger. A hunger to be accepted as one of them. I breathe deep and take a step into the unknown yet, I know it won’t be enough! I am an island unto myself. I fear they will never accept me and I will linger here on the edge of my life for an eternity. Waiting for it to begin.

They don’t see that I bleed the same, I cry in my lonely cage at night praying for them to just see me. See that I am not so different that they can’t welcome me with open arms. I have tried and failed to be one of them to the point of exhaustion. Why? I shout to the heavens as I raise my fist up. Shaking it for all to see I am alone here and the utter silence brings me out of my reverie. I look around but no one is about. Why do I feel as if they know of me but will never truly know me!

All the secrets I hold, all my hopes and dreams will never be shared. Is it me, or am I truly that different in my way of thinking? Do I stand out that bad? I sit here on my island and watch the sun slowly begin to fade into the ocean as one lone tear¬†trickles down my face. I can’t help but think once again, I am an ISLAND unto myself!





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