Summer’s they used to be about me going fishing in my daisy dukes! Letting my hair down and allowing the muddy banks squish between my bare feet! Riding around with friends on a starry night with the windows rolled down. In the back of the car feeling the wind sift through my hair and the music roll through my soul.

It was Garth Brooks talking about “FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES” while Brooks and Dunn introduced the world to “BOOT SCOOT AND BOOGIE!” It was about Apple pie and fried Chicken while we washed it down with some cold lemonade or sweet iced tea! Spitting the seeds from our Watermelon in the grass while our faces turned red.

It was about flip flops and homemade swimming pools! It was about leaving your doors unlocked because everyone knew everyone! It was about catfish and bar-b-ques! Catching lightening bugs from dusk till dawn.

While you were sleeping in your bed I was trailing down old dirt roads. Looking for the perfect place to lay my head with only the stars as my blanket and the fire to warm me.

Summer was about bike riding all over town. Tomato picking under the scorching sun. Cooling off in the Ozark River. Drowning my blues with some hooch around a campfire!

This is what Summers were to me growing up and into  adult years! My husband used to say he married me because I was a “Country Girl!” I hated that he said that. To me watching other people struggle on welfare and living in poor conditions myself. I somehow grew up thinking “Country Girl” meant poor white trash! However, I was reminded recently by one certain Luke Bryan with his song called “THAT’S MY KIND OF NIGHT” that “Country Girl” does not mean that!

A “Country Girl” is a Tomboy at heart! No shopping malls for me, just give me a pole and watch me head to the River! A country girl is full of love, is honest and kind! She’s down to earth and unafraid to chip a nail or get her hands dirty! She likes fishing and Bar B Ques! She loves going mudding in the back of the truck while “SWEET HOME ALABAMA” blares in the background urging her on!

Roasting marshmallows and catching fireflies with the stars and moon as her night light! She is just living life and loving her God! Tapping her feet to “JOHN DEERE GREEN” and riding that tractor till the wheels fell off! Swimming and Fishing in the very same pond! Dancing in the rain refusing to come in! Rolling around in the mud just cause we can and just don’t care!

Huh! I guess there is not much difference between my Summer days and being a Country Girl after all! Who knew I spent so many summers as a “Country Girl”! You know what I wouldn’t change my firefly chasing, catfish catching, barefoot running days for nothing!

If you don’t spend this summer Camping out under a blanket of stars, Muddin, swimming, and fishing you ain’t livin…

I do miss those daisy dukes though!

Embrace your inner “Country Girl” today!

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