“You have been my very favorite companion these last hundred years Ana,” Dimitri said as he drew in a shuttered breath! “I will miss you most of all!” He whispered. He watched as one lone blood tear tracked down her face! She grasped his hand and held on for all she was worth. He didn’t have the heart to tell her she was crushing his hand as his strength diminished by the second! 

“I will never forget you my love, my mentor, my father” she whispered. Her breath quickened as his labored ones began to slow! How was she going to survive without him! She  knew in this moment the only thing on her mind other than sorrow was revenge. He knew too for as cloudy as his once pale blue eyes were she saw the knowledge in them only he could possess! He was her maker! She didn’t even know Dimitri could die! The oldest living Vampire that she knew of and now the once impossibly imposing man was fading right in front of her face from poison!

She released his hand and rose to begin fluffing his pillow. As the tears began to flow freely she knew her dress was ruined. With the last vestige of strength he had, he pulled her back down and began to wipe away the red smudges from her pale cheeks. “This is it my darling, everything will go to you now. You are now Queen of all that lie before you. No more crying over me. You have work to do! Get the bastard that did this to me and then, then you are free! Free to love free to go about your life, free to do as you will,” he wheezed out. “Dimitri, save your breath, please I am here! I will never leave you” Ana said almost hysterical now in horror at the sight of blood begin to seep from  all of his pores. ” Don’t”, he whispered and swatted her hand away from his face “we don’t know if my blood has been contaminated or not!”

Struggling to obey his soft command Ana shook her head and leaned down to kiss his hand. “Remember I will always be with you and I love you, he choked out as his last breath left him. Ana saw it, the moment the light left his eyes, the moment Dimitri left his body never to return and a white hot fury began to boil inside of her. No more, He was no more and now, now she would lay waste to all that had a hand in hs demise.

She stood and began barking orders to the servants. ” Burn him, and the bed, we can’t risk anyone else getting infected,” she said in a tone gone lethal. As she marched to the war room to begin preparing her Army of Vampires for what was to come next! With sorrow in her heart and malice on her mind, she began to don her armor and ready for the battle that would ensue tonight!

How dare those rabid dogs poison her Dimitri. They would all die tonight! She was going to rain down terror on those beasts while she bathed in their blood. They messed with the wrong companion today. A  small smile slid over her face as her fangs slid out while she walked out the front door to greet her new Army!

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