This is my transformation! This is the moment I have been waiting for all my life! This is the moment I step out of my warm and safe cocoon and step out into the world! A brand new butterfly! This is the moment I choose to spread my wings and fly… fly away as if I have nothing to lose and everything to gain! I spread my wings and take flight as the sky becomes not just a mirage but something that is attainable. I reach for the sky with my newly obtained wings and I head for the stars as they begin to twinkle and beckon me!

I am now unencumbered by life and know in this moment the world is my oyster! It is mine for the taking as I soar across lands o plenty and feel the warm breeze on my face! I am now free from burden, free of the shackles of my cocoon and I just fly! I finally know what it is to b free! This freedom I have can never be taught it can never be given away! It is mine and as I look down at all this world has to offer me I know I will be now and forever more free!

I cannot believe I lingered in my cocoon so long! Just think of all the things I missed out on being afraid to come out and play! Never again will I be shackled to that cocoon and a small smile spreads over me as I think of my transformation and how far I have come…




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