As Kate struggled with the ropes around her wrist she knew she was going to die! This was the moment her investigation had been leading up to and she like a dumbass didn’t call for backup when she had the chance. She had been tracking a known serial killer of hookers for months now and she knew she was getting close she just didn’t know how close until the man grabbed her and knocked her out a little over an hour ago. According to the clock on the wall.

After coming too bound and gagged lying on a warehouse floor she was immediately disgusted my her accommodations. He had just tossed her on the floor like the trash that was heaped up around her letting her know this place had not been used in quite some time. With his bad breath and snarky voice he moved into her face real close as she had awakened to let her know he would be right back. “Don’t go anywhere my pet”. He had snarled and then laughed at his own joke at her expense. That was ten minutes ago and she was even know sawing through the ropes with a shard of glass she had found on the floor. If she didn’t get these ropes off before he came back she was definitely dead!

Charles Petrov the wealthiest man in town was her infamous serial killer. He had let her know all the gory details of what he had done to each and every one of his victims and what would soon be her fate as well in the last 50 minutes. She had to get out of here. Yet while he took her gun and phone it was unlikely she would get very far. She strained to hear the slightest noises signalling his return. Nothing as she kept sawing and sawing at the ropes. She could feel the blood dripping down her wrist from where she had cut herself the instant she first attempted cutting the ropes. Sweat began to bead on her forehead and upper lip as she continued the sawing as if her life depended on it and it really did. In this moment, she knew she wasn’t cut out to be a detective and if she ever got out of this alive knew she would never live it down.

She closed her eyes and began to think about other jobs she could take once she was disgraced from the police force. A lone tear tracked down her face at the thought of leaving the only job she had ever wanted. Her nerves began to fray and suddenly she was angry. Angry at this psycho for making her doubt herself, after all, she had tracked him down. She had to get out of this she would kill him with her bare hands if necassary. She had taken several years of self-defense classes and knew she didn’t really need a weapon. Her body was her weapon! The white hot rage that this man had insued, now prowled in her like a cobra ready to strike.

She heard whistling then around the corner just as the ropes gave way. She knew he was back. Her eyes popped open and an evil smile spread across her face. It was time to start kicking some ass and taking names!


<a href=””>Struggle</a&gt;



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