Rebuild- to build something after it has been damaged or destroyed.

How many times have I done this? Pick up the pieces of my shattered soul and rebuild once again.

Too many to count! I have started over again and again only to be knocked down by life. To find myself alone and desolate with only my inner demons keeping me up at night!

Isn’t this the definition of insanity? Maybe I am insane. To pick myself back up bloody and bruised to continue on again! Or maybe I really am an optimist at heart thinking “This time will be different.”

I know there are parts of me that are jaded and will never be whole from this continuous rebuild. Yet I know I must keep going… I must survive. If not for myself then for my children. my husband, those that I hold dear to me. I must persevere, I must conquer these demons and move on to the next set of obstacles set before me. I may be insane but continuing to rebuild my soul is the only human thing to do after all…




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