I have lived in a lot of places! A lot of cities actually and I realized the other day that I have been all over these cities. Yet the one I have lived in for the past 19 years the one I call home terrifies me! However, I have gone down there with a friend a month or so ago to check out a local writer’s bar. She drove.

This past week though I went and went alone! I drove down into the city by myself even after getting a little lost from a detour due to the only road I know I am safe from getting lost in I still made it there. I did have another friend meet me there that also got lost but eventually found her way.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and after I left the bar panic began to set in. It was dark unlike it was when I got there and I get lost easily! Yet as I chanted to myself just follow the detour back out to the road everything will be all right I began to notice something! Downtown Kansas City Missouri is gorgeous at night! My window rolled down the gentle breeze blowing through my hair, the soft lilting music wafting up to my ears the bright lights and the magical beauty of the fountains… Breathtaking! All I wanted to do was pull over somewhere and take a ton of pictures. Then there was the crossing of the Missouri River  could see miles and miles of the inky black water surrounded by every light imaginable! The blues weren’t just blue they were a kind of soft glowy fair dust blue, the greens weren’t just greens they were  green eyes I imagine of a mythical beast daring me to come a little closer. And the reds, Oh how the red lights shined like a beacon of love guiding me home.

The buildings, let’s not forget the buildings with their soft golden glow. Shimmering against the backdrop of the darkened sky! Appearing as a mirage-making them look more imposing than they are! All heralding me toward my destination!

As I finally emerged from the city and reached my home I realized I was no longer afraid of the big bad city! How could something so beautiful scare me so much that I have never fully experienced it! I made a conscious decision right then and there I would get to know my city better. So what if I get lost a time or two. I have proven I will always find my way home. I just need to listen to the lights and follow the city where she leads me. She will help me get home and if I get lost again I have a pretty view of the city while I find my way!

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