“This isn’t natural” Jinny said as she gritted her teeth through yet another contraction! “How could you talk me into letting you do this to me” she screamed at her husband of nine years. If it wasn’t for the sheer amount of pain she was in she would have laughed at the terrified look on John’s face right now. Ghostly pale and looking a little lost he really looked worried that this wasn’t how this was supposed to happen. She had read all the books on childbirth and what was expected so she knew some of what to expect yet none of those books ever said it would be this painful. Assholes!

She wanted to find the writer’s of these books [that probably didn’t even have kids] and slap the ever living shit out of them, tie them to a chair and make them all watch as she burned every last one of those books from hell! She almost giggled at the thought but right then the biggest contraction yet hit her and through the haze of pain heard the doctor say “That’s it one last push!” She screamed for all she was worth and thought for a moment there she would split in two then there was an overwhelming feeling of release. A nanosecond later she heard the soft cries of her newborn daughter and it was the sweetest music to her ears.

The doctors praised her and after cleaning her new baby girl up handed her to the new mother. “8lbs 7 oz and perfect” the doctor said. Jinny took her new baby girl and the pain was instantly forgotten. No more screaming no more crying. There was only her and the baby. With her curly locks of flaxen hair she was the most beautiful thing Jinny had ever seen. She couldn’t get enough of her counting all fingers and toes to make sure they had all made the trip down the birth canal with her daughter she began to croon softly as the newborn opened her eyes for the first time in this strange new world. Her heartbeat so close to Jinny’s she could swear they were still beating as one.

Tears spilled down her face as she gazed lovingly to her husband and whispered, “yes, yes this is very natural”…




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