This mountain I climb… She’s a bitch! As I climb my steps get steeper and I fear I have much more to go before I reach the top! I sit here sweaty and tired yet I know I have to make it! I have to make it to the top just so I can see the other side! It has been a long road and it seems at times this particular mountain didn’t want to be hiked but I kept plugging away at her until the air got lighter as did my heart! I can almost taste the mountain air on my tongue and it tastes of victory!

I am almost giddy at the prospect of reaching my goal yet the all too familiar mud slides this mountain has produced over and over again at nauseum make me leery all  at the same time! There have been countless setbacks! Mud slides, Avalanches, birds of prey, the ever present fear that the rope will finally give way and plunge me to my death! It is a daunting thought Yet, climb I must! I must make it to the other side! I must get to the top and see all that God has lay before me! I must conquer this Mountain we call life!



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