It is embarrassing how little I have done in my life! Now here I am at the prime of my life and as I look back on the choices made the opportunities l feel embarrassed ashamed even! Why have I let fear dictate my life so completely! The fear of failure, the fear of the unknown! Here I sit at the peak of my wonder years and as I look back on all of the could have beens the would have beens the should have beens! I feel lost.

I used to sit back and say I have no regrets about my life because if I had any regrets I wouldn’t be who I am today! Yet as I sit here staring at the lit screen and cursed cursor blinking at me so coldly I know that is not true!

I have regrets I am full of them! I regret  not being adventurous enough! I regret not being open to new things! I regret not loving enough! I regret not having the will or the gumption to put myself out there and taste what this world has to offer! I have tasted some of its bitterness and lies and instead of picking myself up and dusting myself off. I shut down. Have I shut down so much that I am now incapable of changing or experiencing new things? I know I have more in me than this. I want there to be  an explosion to my senses. Sights, smells, sounds, and most of all I want to taste it, taste it all! Even now my taste buds are itching to be free! I can taste the sweetness on my tongue and it excites me!

No more, being embarrassed about living in the shadows watching everyone else live life like a voyeur!  I am here in this world too! What am I waiting for!

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