I just can’t get enough of the night as it washes over me I can feel its call to me on the gentle breeze and the soft sounds of the crickets chirping lull me into a sense of peace! The sky shines its many stars on me as I bask in the glory of the night.With all its possibilities I am now giddy with excitement!

I could stand under the big willow and sway along with its branches as it camouflages me from the world. I could run through the open fields wth a sense of peace and freedom like I have not felt before. Skinny dip in the local pond or just lay back and count the endless stars. Anything could happen.

I know have the freedom to show my true nature, hiding in the shadows no more for fear the sunlight may burn me. I can roam the city streets freely scenting out my next victim and the sweet nectar they hold within them. Lulling, them into a sense of peace while I take what I want! Capturing their youth in the palm of my hand and a flick of their wrist I sink my teeth into the sweetest ambrosia.

I let them go and leave them with no memeries of the moment. As a smile slides over me and the feeling of contentment I soldier on to find my next victim or donor! A skip in my step I hear a scuffle in the next alley over and see a damsel in distress. Perfect! It has been so long since I kicked some ass! As my fangs elongate I feel giddy again this time wtih anticpation. Great a whole horde of victims. My night was looking better and better, as I take one last lingering look at the night sky…

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