My purpose in this world was called into question today when my son asked, “What if God doesn’t exist”. Shocked and a little upset that he would even ask me this question. I took a pause before responding. He continued with, “what if he is just a myth”. With which I promptly responded with “If God didn’t exist I wouldn’t be here”. I have had way, to many close calls with death banging on my door not to believe in a higher power that has more than once rescued me from the clutches of death!

I realize my 17-year-old son is in fact,a teenager and it is his job to question everything! Yet, I can’t help but think despite his upbringing and me telling him about God the school plays a big part in him even questioning something like that. When I was in school they banned the bibles from being brought even if it was from your own collection. In his time, they have now banned the pledge of allegiance just because the word God is in it. I get that our country is made up of other religions and cultures and there are many controversies over religion. Yet, what we forget is that this country was founded on the freedom of religion.

Our four father’s left everything they knew behind to escape religious persecution. They founded a new world where we could believe what we want, when we want. If this is true how come schools are now banning the very thing this country was founded upon. I don’t get it! I bet George Washington, and John Hancock and Benjamin Franklin are rolling over in their graves right now!

Why are we Americans being forced to hide our beliefs for fear of offending someone religiously made to hide what we originally came here to the “New World” to do!

I feel as if I have failed my son! It is my purpose to teach him about God and yes to me there is a difference between religion and God. Religion is just a label where as God, will save your soul! I still feel as I have failed and now, now it may be too late to instill those important beliefs into my son. I will still strive to protect him from religious persecution no matter what he believes. Because I am his mother. It is my purpose after all…

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