Captain’s log

July 12, 1647

The storm has worsened and we are now taking on water. The seas are becoming more troublesome and I am afraid we will soon be lost to their murky depths. I fear my precious ship known only as  “The Black Death”  due to her black sails will finally be torn asunder. If you are reading this then we did not make it out of this alive. Let it be known the great “Pirate”Jean-Luc did not go down without a fight. Although I would not consider myself a “pirate” as the world has labeled me. Just an opportunist trying to get paid.

July 13, 1647

I woke up this morning and it was incredible. I woke to the sounds of the salty seas lapping at my feet. Seagulls poking at me as if I am their next meal. I am on land and couldn’t  be any happier that I lived through the night. My ship and crew, however, have not fared so well.I feel a sense of guilt as the Captain I should have died too. Yet I am overwhelmed with the relief that I am alive.  I alone survived and I am filled with mixed feelings. One I am alive and two, I feel sorrow for my crew. My ship is no more and I feel an emptiness as I look out at the ocean in the very spot where she sank. Mere yards from land. I have been collecting the items washing ashore from her and I plan to explore this island I am on that seems empty of all life except the coconut trees I have been eating from all day. Time to find shelter and build a fire.

July 14, 1647

The island is trying to kill me . I have been here for one day and have found spider’s as big as my hand and snakes so vicious looking they must be poisonous. They do make for a good meal, though. As I sit by the fire it took me nearly 4 hours to build I am roasting yet another snake on the spit. I drink the juice from my coconut content for the first time in days. There is no shelter yet. I will have to tackle that tomorrow. There are no signs of human life yet. Still looking.

July 15, 1647

I have found a cave a few hundred feet from the beach. I have brought my collections inside but the smell of feces is a cause for concern. Something or someone already lives here. I hope they have decided to move out permanently. I may be the one looking for a new home it all depends on what it is that actually lives here. Making another fire to hold off any bugs. I don’t want to get eaten alive tonight like I did last night when the fire mysteriously went out. Still no signs of human life.

July 20, 1647

It has been raining now for 5 days! Soaked and freezing I cannot seem to keep the fire going for any length of time to get warm. It is dark and cloudy every day. The rain reminds me of the night my ship sank and I now weep openly for my fallen crew. This place is starting to drive me mad and I fear I will never see the likes of civilization again.Still no signs of human life.

July 21, 1647

The sun beats down on me today as if a torrential downpour wasn’t beating down the island just 4 hours ago! The weather here is, to say the least unstable. It is now scorching and I feel as if I am being cooked from the inside out. I heard a noise today. Sounded like someone walking through the trees. Going to check it out tomorrow. Too tired today. Still no signs of human life.

July 24, 1647

I woke this morning with a sense that something was wrong. I feel more week by the day. I don’t know what happened I feel as if I am missing time here yet I can’t remember what time in the day it is. I went to search for the noise I heard the other day. I am guessing it was a wild hog or something because the jungle was peaceful today. I have started to have wild dreams of a dark figure leaning over me with glistening pale skin and jagged fangs.They are an annoyance and must be a product of too much coconut juice. Still no signs of human life.

July 25, 1647

How long does it take for someone alone on a deserted island to go mad? eighteen days! That is how long I have been here and I think I am officially insane. I have been eating well and yet, I get weaker by the day and most of the time I sleep. When I sleep I dream. I dream of him. The lone figure with the fangs and sharp claws that tear into my throat every night and bathes in my blood. Even now I can feel his hot breath on my skin where he gives me his eternal kiss. Where am I? What is happening to me? What kind of hell is this? Is this my payback for surviving when my crew didn’t? I know any day now I will be lost in my insanity. I will just become part of the island as it swallows my mind whole. As always, no signs of human life.

July 29, 1647

It is raining again and I shiver as another drop of water hits my face. The cave is leaking and I grow delirious from the bites now covering my body. Strange they are, as they are two perfect puncture wounds as if a snake as bitten me everywhere. Yet, I would know if they had wouldn’t I? I have lost a lot of time and along with freezing, I now have what seems to be cold sweats. I fear i will die soon. On this island from hell. My only consolation is that my nightly visitor will not be able to reach me when I am dead. Still no signs of life!

July 30, 1647

I saw him today! Or am I still dreaming! This beast, this man! Through the rain, I searched for food and there, there in the woods I saw him. Tall, dark hair and silver glowing eyes. Unlike anything, I have ever seen in any human.  I watched as his teeth elongated into fangs and his fingers turned to claws biting the head off a snake. He is real! He is the demon they call blood sucker. I wonder how long he will let me live. I wonder when will he come for me. Still no signs of human life.

July 31, 1647

I hear him whistling in the wind and I know my time is up. I know he is on his way to slash my throat and drink all of my blood. I sharpen my blade and know I must fight. I will not be an easy kill for him. I will go down swinging hopefully taking this demon down as I go. Still no signs of human life.

August 1, 1647

I am at death’s door! He has come to me! He tried and I fear succeeded! I am bleeding profusely and as I lay here thinking of all the things I have never plundered. I am glad my crew died by sea! Death by sea is every pirate’s dream after all! Instead of enduring the hell I have encountered on this island. I stabbed him right through the heart and he has gone away. Hopefully to die alone in the woods where the animals can lay waste to what is left of him. still no signs of life and I fear soon no sign of me…

August 1, 2017

Abigail once again tempered her annoyance at what seemed like the umpteenth ridiculous question. She loved this job yet, hated stupid people and their questions. Answering she pasted her winning smile back on her face and continued with the lecture. “These”, she said pointing to the Captain’s Log in the glass case. “Are the first and only documents we have that even hint that Vampires exist. Yes, they are something made up in the movies but how astounding is it to find that a real live person describing a creature like this!” As the lecture ended she answered a few more idiotic questions before heading to her office where the real treasures lay.

No one knew that she had also found a journal or diary if you will while on her recent dig one of the uninhabited islands of the Carribean. It was filled with stories she had only begun to read about. It appeared that it was much older than anything she had ever seen and after reading just a few short pages realized the impossible was possible. This journal appeared to that of the Vampire Jean-Luc described in his Captain’s Log. Fascinated by pirate’s since she was a girl she was even more so with the infamous Jean-Luc Picard Captain of the even more infamous “Black Death” Pirate ship ever since his mysterious disappearance all those years ago.

she knew from a very young age she would one day become and archaeologist and find Jean-Luc! And find him she did! Along with something else that so far as proved to be the actual diary of the first known real life Vampire.

She slipped the journal into her bag and headed home for a long night of reading. She left the university got in her car and drove the 3 miles to her beautiful little beach house. Right on the beach. She poured herself a glass of wine and stepped out onto the deck book in hand Listening to the waves lap the shore as she slipped on the protective gloves she needed to where on the brittle pages. “Let’s see where to begin” she whispered as she finally settled on the beginning  and started reading…






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