Sitting here my mind is blank. I have been dreaming in color and now there is nothing. Nothing, save that damned post it  on the fridge that reminds me to get milk. That note mocks me as it is the last thing I have written in days. My story stagnate have I backed myself into a corner here with the main  character of yet another story I have begun? Or is he simply mocking me too?

I can’t seem to figure out how to get him from point A to point Z and have it make sense. I have stressed over him all week and now, he has pissed me off! I decide to give up on yet another failed attempt at writing. I swear I can hear his evil cackling laughter as I shut the computer. “Until tomorrow your bastard”, I shout at the closed laptop that mocks me with its mere presence.

I go shopping, kick back with a few drinks and build a fire. The night has fallen and as usual, I can feel her call to me on the wind. No one will ever know the nature of a night owl unless they are one. I slip on my earbuds and listen to the dark and twisted that is my playlist as the night washes over me.

Suddenly through my drunken haze and the soft lilting music that can only be matched by the moonlight streaming through the trees. I know exactly what to do with my main character. I run to the laptop now screaming nooooo!

I patiently wait for it to turn on and  the soft glow pops on in the darkness. I begin to type with a vigor now and there is only silence on the pages as I write his story. “Who’s laughing now”, I say with a smirk and a smile.

The deed is done. His story is  done and it is fantastic. The lesson here is when there is nothing but a blank space. Drink up, dance in the moonlight, and  plug in your favorite song as you unplug from the world.

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