“Angry! I’m not angry” Kelsey said as she shoved Jack out of the way to finish packing. “I just can’t live with a liar anymore”, she said. As she finished bagging the last of her clothes. She stalked toward the door and slammed it for the last time. If he chased her, if he chased her he loved her and she would probably forgive him for all his misdeeds. Yet, as she  continued down the stairs there was nothing but the heavy pounding of her sneakers on the stairs as she made her way out of the building and out to the waiting cab.

She shouldn’t couldn’t look back! She knew if she did she would  chicken out and go back. Just as one lone tear escaped her eyes she knew he obviously didn’t love her he didn’t even attempt to come after her. Wasn’t she worth fighting for? Wasn’t she worth the time to chase after? As the cab pulled away from the curb she saw the montage of their relationship flash before her eyes. Now bawling she knew this would be the moment she would regret forever…

Meanwhile, as jack watched her go he knew this is the moment he would regret forever. Watching her from the bedroom window a lone tear escaped his eyes. “If she turns back that means she really does love me I will go after her and beg her to stay”, he whispers. As she gets in and the cab he watches it begin to pull away from the curb. He turns away from the window shaking his head. It was really over this time. How could he be so stupid? Why hadn’t he gone after her anyway? Again he thought this was the moment he would regret forever…

Fate, you can’t fight it! You, can’t beat it? Sometimes we let those fateful moments pass us by out of anger and hurt feelings. You see Kelsey and Jack were meant to be! Yet, they let pettiness and stupid mind games rip them apart. I could say that they never saw each other again and regretted that moment for the rest of their lives. However, I like a happy ending! I will say they met again 30 years later, having families each of their own and the instant recognition was love at first sight after all these years. Both widowed they had learned a very hard lesson that fateful day 30 years ago and maybe it was just experience or maybe age does come with some wisdom.This time, they grabbed each other and never let go again. Their only regret is that they spent so much time apart.

Now, here I sit at their funeral. Dying within days of each other. It must have been true love after all! I have learned a lot from them. Regret nothing! Love with all of you! Never tempt fate! She may just show up 30 years later and kick your ass into gear and never ever go to bed Angry! They never did again!

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