Epitome- a person or thing that is a perfect example of a particular quality or type.

Synonyms- personfication, embodiement, incarnation, paragon, essense, quintessence, archetype, paradigm, exempler, model, soul, example, height.

“The EPITOME of my life has come down to this, Nancy said as she scrubbed the plate clean before sticking it into the dish drainer. “Changing diapers, scrubbing dishes, folding laundry,” she mumbled as she picked up the next dish in the soapy steamy water. How could her life have come to this!  Yes, she knew the mechanics of how but somewhere along the way she realized she lost herself. People say being a housewife had its charms yet in this moment she didn’t see it.

She was just depressed she knew and having had her adorable baby girl in the last 2 months she was going on very little sleep. Choosing to stay home 3 years ago and turn her obsession into a career she sat down at her home office and wrote her first real novel. All she had wanted to be since she was a little girl was a writer. She never had the time. She had to pay the bills and following her passion was just not in the cards.

With her husband’s big promotion though everything changed. Suddenly they had more money than they knew what to do with and paying off the house and the cars. He told her it was time to follow her dreams. So she quit her job to write full time. She finished it just in time to enjoy the wonders of being pregnant. Taking nearly 2 and a half years she was so relieved when it was done and now, now after having sent it off to several publishers 6 months ago she was having doubts about her writing prowess.

If this never took off who would she be?  What would she do? As she scrubbed another plate one lone tear tracked down her face. Was this it for her? Just someone’s mother! Just someone’s wife! Nancy knew there was more to her than that yet right now it didn’t feel like her future was going to get any brighter. Yes, she loved being a wife and a mother yet she knew if she continued on as just a wife and mother she would slowly die inside. Hell she had only been “Suzie homemaker” for 3 years now and she already wanted to scream.

Has it really been three years? Wow, the time seemed to fly and come to a slow crawl all at the same time. The front door opened and John’s usual cheery voice echoed throughout the halls. As he peeked his head around the doorway to the kitchen she turned and smiled her usual smile and somehow she knew he knew it was all for show! He was the love of her life and a good husband the thought really did cheer her up just a smidge. “Hey hon, I got the mail there is something here from a Publishing Company,” he said as a huge grin split his handsome face.

At his words, Nancy froze in place terrified if she moved the words would vanish. “What, what did you say,” she stammered. His smile got even bigger as he just handed her the big yellow envelope with the Publisher’s name embossed on the front. With shaky fingers, she ripped it open and read the letter attached to the front of a very thick stack of papers. As the tears began to pour down her face at the words written. She caught up to John and hugged him as if her life depended on it. This was it, this was the letter she had been waiting on for 6 months now. They wanted to purchase her book and there was even talk of a movie deal. The thick papers turned out to be a contract they sent her to sign and the fattest check she had ever seen. If she agreed to the terms, of course.

A weight that had been getting heavier these last months suddenly lifted and she felt light as a feather. This was not about the money. It was about her purpose in the world. She knew it and now the world would see it too. As she laughed through the tears John began to laugh as well. “I knew you could do it baby,” after quickly scanning her letter. She was so excited. She knew there was more to her than just a mom or just a wife. She knew her essence, her soul was a writer.

There are always more to us than what the world sees and labels us as, I am not just a mom, a  wife, a housekeeper, friend, and lover.  I know I can be whatever I choose and I choose to label myself a writer. I choose to be everything and anything I want to be. Let’s stop with all these labels and just be…

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