There were COUNTLESS bodies on the ground! Everywhere Heather looked! Lying in mass heads ripped off, limbs torn apart it was the blood bath from hell! She was too late, again!  Someone was tipping her off to the mass casualties yet everytime she was minutes if not hours too late. This one was fresh she could still smell the rouge beasts that did this on the air.

Now that the supernatural creatures were known to the humans more and more scenes were popping up like this one. As part of the new Paranormal Divison of the FBI, she quickly became the head of the team due to her uncanny ability to solve cases. Little did they know she herself was one of the Supernatural. She wasn’t about to tell anyone this since she was already treated differently because she was a woman in a man’s world.

Assuming that humans were upset and taking these particular creatures out not wanting to share the world with them. Heather had been investigating as a human would. Missing possibly key clues to who was behind these atrocities. The last few death scenes were clearly done by either rogue Vampires, Werewolves, or both.

The scene she was looking at right now was horrendous. Something only an animal would be capable of not anything any human could think up. It looked as if the killer or killers had done this for sport! For fun even! The head scratcher is why would they take out their own kind? This was a scene straight out of a horror movie. It was as if the killers were mocking her with each one. Each crime scene she was called to was even worse than the last. This one, this one would probably stay with her and give her nightmares for an eternity. She could feel the bile rising up in her throat. Was that it? Was someone out there toying with her knowing she would be the one on the scene?

She raised up to her full height and closed her eyes sending her special senses out to try and catch a whiff of what the killer looked like. She rewound the scene in her head just before the killer’s struck. She could see a group gathering Shifter and Vampire alike. All gathering here to form a sort of peace between them. As she went into the moment she carefully walked around the bodies that were now so much meat and watched in horror as the scene played out not half an hour ago.

There was a glint from a blade and then there were wild dogs, no wolves emerging from the forest behind like a hoard of zombies. They were unlike any shifters she had ever witnessed they were huge and dirty and snarling while foam dripped from their powerful jaws. Snapping and gnashing their teeth as if they couldn’t wait to tear into something. Right in the middle of them was a lone figure. A man dressed in a cloak of some sort with his steel sword ready for battle. He raised his hood and the utter shock of recognition gave her pause. With the same grass green eyes as hers, it was her brother Sebastian. Oh, My God how had he gone rouge without her knowing it!  His eyes began to glow with the power only they could wield and as a sickening smile spread across his face.

“Come, out come out wherever you are. My sweet, dear sister. I know you like to hide who you really are but I know, I know deep down you are a killer just like me. All you have to do is come to me and the mindless killing will stop. Come to me by midnight tonight. Join me or the body count will continue to rise. This time with your precious humans.”

As Heather gasped and came back to reality she realized half her crew was now watching her. No longer able to hide what she was due to her eyes she knew were now glowing. She shrugged off the vision and shouted orders. As everyone jumped into line she knew what she had to do. She felt for the first time superior to her colleagues yet surprisingly uneasy that they now seemed to be afraid of her. She looked around at the humans running about and at the carnage that lay at her feet. Suddenly she was pissed, How dare her brother do this to her? how dare he throw down a gauntlet such as this at her feet? She would be damned if she was going to let him hurt another person be they human or not!

Yes, her brother was right about one thing, she was a killer and he was going to learn first hand how bad she could be while she was ripping his head off. She tapped her phone she needed to call for reinforcements. The countless killings had to stop and stop they would. Her soul, her very life depended on it…



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