Bree was running for her life ! She ran and ran as the hounds of hell were on her ass. No memory past walking to her car from the grocery store the night before. Or was it the same night she couldn’t discern how long she had been out but when she woke up… she had woken up to a nightmare! Lying on a stone slab looking for all the world like a sacrificial altar of old and wearing nothing but a  flimsy white almost see through nightgown in a dark wet cave. She was instantly terrified while her feet automatically began to run.

She ran until she reached the outer walls and then the real fight began. The full moon her only light all she could see where field, after field emptiness. Surrounded by the scariest looking woods she had ever seen. This scene she was in was straight out of a horror movie. She expected at any moment for someone to appear wearing a hockey mask, or knives for fingers at any moment. Yet the minute she stepped out into the light of the full moon her blood curdled. A piercing howl rent the air and  instead of freezing as every dumb blonde in every horror movie she had ever watched she ran.

Bree ran blindly into the woods and as the trees seemed to reach out with their bony fingers to snatch her she could now hear a pounding behind her as if wild horses were chasing her. She knew better! She had seen the blood-red eyes of a mighty beast in the shadows of the cave when she had awaken.  Now it appeared he had friends judging by the sound of it.

She ran and ran as the trees became thicker and thicker their vines whipping out to slash her and her bare feet were killing her. Trudging through the snow and rocky earth she just knew her feet were bleeding. Heart now pounding from adrenaline and fear she felt like her heart would explode out of her chest. She had to stop soon but knew if she did she was definitely dead. Why were they chasing her? They hadn’t reacted until she ran. Was this all some kind of sick game. Chasing a helpless woman until she couldn’t run anymore and then rip her to shreds?

Tears began to gather in her eyes. She knew this was a lost cause. Yet she would never give up without a fight.The pounding now right behind her she could almost feel the beast’s breath on her neck. A strangled scream caught in her throat and she knew she was doomed.

A huge rock appeared out of nowhere tripping on it before she could see it in the inky darkness she went flying through the air. Landing on her rump in the snow she scrambled to get up but couldn’t move for some reason. She looked up and she did scream then at the 4 legged beast standing over her. With his pointy ears, long snout and devil red eyes she knew the end was here. He leaned down  right into her face as the moon shone through the wintery bones of the trees. Inches from her face his saliva dripping onto her legs all the while licking his lips.

He reached for her hand with one claw and began to dig it into the palm of her hand. As his eyes never left hers he said in a deep booming voice. “You are mine now. Where ever you go what ever you do? I will find you,my love.” Bree let  out a scream then as he stuck his clawed hand into her hand to the bone and her crimson blood began to pour from her hand.

“Bree, Bree wake up,”. Bree jerked awake sweating and searching for a beady-eyed demon. “Are you all right,” Joe said as he looked at her awkwardly. The clouds finally cleared from her mind as a sigh of relief hit her. It was just a dream. She flushed with embarrassment as she realized she had fallen asleep at work. Burning the candle at both ends what did she expect. A reporter that never went home . She needed a vacation. “I’m, I’m okay Joe,” she said as she reassured him she gave him her winningest smile.Standing to her full height she said,  “It’s just the PHASES of the moon you know, bad dreams always hit me when it’s a full moon!”

Nodding to her he walked away and she plopped back into her chair once again. Chuckling to herself she began to gather up her folders and straighten up her desk. A she grabbed the first file a wince of pain radiated from her palm. Dropping the file she grabbed her palm and finally looked at it. There carved into the middle of her hand right where the claw had been in her dream was a full moon. A strangled cry crept back in as she stood and staggered back from her desk holding her hand. “It, it was real”, she whispered as sweat began to bead on her forehead once again. Her instinct to run came again only this time, she stood her ground. As his beady eyes  came back into her line vision once again, and his whispered words “I will always find you” returned on the air. She held her head up and whispered back “Come, find me if you dare!”. Somehow she knew he would only be able to search for her when the moon was full.

A sneer spread over, her face as a low maniacal chuckle escaped her “I will be waiting. Until the next phase of the full moon!”

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