I don’t know why but upon hearing today’s word of the day “DORIS DAY’S DREAM A LITTLE DREAM OF ME”. Keeps running through my head. Don’t know why it just popped in there and now I can’t get it out. This song is a lovely song and a throwback to simpler times. Yet every time I hear it it is playing in some psycho thriller movie. Really crazy right!

Dreams are weird right. I mean I have dreamed some pretty weird stuff in all my years. I have dreamed if demons, chasing me. Snakes attacking me (ugh) and even that I was a man.

I have even done a post called  “DREAM A LITTLE DREAM”   that was I think part of my subconscious working itself out. A dream that terrorized me every night for the better part of 6 months. Too afraid to close my eyes back then I lost a lot of sleep. Most of my dreams I chalk up to it  must have been something I ate or way too much tv.

The real reason, I fear is because I’m a little crazy and while I seem sane in my waking hours. In my sleep, my mind is set loose to dream up all kinds of craziness. No wonder I feel tired all the time. I am always going on grand fantastical journeys in my sleep.

I do know first hand though that dreams can also come to you as a warning or something your mind is trying to work through. As was the case with what I deem the dream from hell. That lasted 6 months. It wasn’t the content of the dream so much as what it might mean, that I dreamed literally every night for 6 months. Can you even imagine!

At one point I wondered really hard about my sanity. It isn’t that I didn’t try to rid myself of this dream. yet, nothing worked. I could almost feel a piece of my sanity slipping away. To make yourself insane over a dream! Really crazy right!

One thing I have learned about dreams whether they be something as silly as Freddy Krueger chasing you through your neighborhood or something as serious as working through long lost issues.

They broaden our minds and help us. Through my dreams, I now know my imagination knows no bounds. I wonder “WHAT DREAMS MAY COME” tonight…


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