SAGA- a long story of heroic achievement or a long involved story, account, or series of incidents.

As I see the word prompt of the day I can’t help but snicker to myself. My life has been one long drawn out SAGA! A series of one incident after the other. I snicker because I am finally getting serious and writing my life story! It has been a long time coming and I have already begun to rip the band aids off my soul to reveal to the world my personal tragedies. Yes, I am full of holes where all the wounds are but thanks to the therapy of writing my blog this past year I have finally learned to face those demons and whatever memories they dredge up.

I snicker again, as I think about memories and that’s  the current chapter I am working on in my book! Let me tell you it has been a roller coaster of emotions! I have had memories come up that I thought long forgotten. Memories are a fickle thing. I posed this question in my book. Why is it that when something horrid happens to us we only remember those bad times? Is it our nature as humans? To  always remember the bad stuff. Is it that there are too few good times? Or is it that the bad times are so bad that they overshadow the good?

Either way, I can honestly say I have dredged up so many memories in the last year that I feel as if my brain is overloaded. Yet, the one thing that keeps me writing, keeps me remembering is that they didn’t break me. I am still here I am still writing and after the year I have had I have found… me!

I was buried under all the rubble from the fall out of my previous life. I was locked away in the recesses of my mind not caring if I ever remembered the SAGA that is, was my life! I will not say I came out of this year unscathed but I will say I have endured. I persevered and the rewards… Priceless! I have found a peace within myself I thought I would never find. To find something so precious you never thought you would find in all your life is… I can’t even describe the words. I have started out writing because that is my dream. Yet I have found so much more. This SAGA of mine I now embrace. It is not “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” It’s what we learn from the near-death experience that makes us stronger in the end and worth it…

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