Amberly swept into the room with a FLOURISH! Man Kelly hated her and what kind of name was Amberly anyway. She whisked into the room as if she owned it. As the head cheerleader and the ultimate “mean girl,” Amberly was simultaneously the most popular and hated girl in school. You would think that being from one of the richest and most prominent families in town she would be nicer.

After sharing nearly every class with Amberly since 9th grade Kelly was so done with this girl. Thank God their senior year was over after today. Watching as the “Princess Bitch” or so Amberly had been dubbed since the tantrum of sophomore year Kelly groaned inside. She couldn’t stand that girl flaunting everything she had to get everyone’s attention in the room. Didn’t she know her feminine wiles and bitchiness wouldn’t get her very far after today! When they entered the real world and had to rely on their smarts not just their looks.

Almost the entire hour late of the last class of the day. Amberly grated on Kelly’s nerves so bad. Yes, no one would care it being the last class of high school she could have even skipped the day altogether what with her 4.o grade point average along with being the “bitch from hell” but she had at least came to school. Yet, just the fact that she came in late instantly pissed Kelly off. There were rules and Kelly was a stickler for the rules.

She couldn’t understand how she allowed this chick to get under her skin so bad. The bell rang and she tore out of the room like her ass was on fire. She raced to her locker to collect the rest of her things forever. As soon as her locker was emptied she realized nature was calling and rushed to the bathroom. As she entered she heard someone crying. What the hell? How many times has she heard a chick crying in this very room! She was so not going to miss the ultra click of the cheer squad crying over a missed period or a boyfriend dumping them. Remembering she had to pee she ran to the first stall and released her bladder that was now screaming at her.

She finished up and walked out washing up. She noticed the crying was now worse and the blue chiffon sticking out of the bottom of the stall and who it belonged to. Amberly! What the hell did this girl have to cry about? Hearing the weeping now coupled with open whaling Kelly rolled her eyes. Damn she had never seen or heard of this woman breaking down she didn’t know she could lose it through her hard shell.

Aggravated she knocked on the stall and timidly asked Amberly if she was okay. Amberly opened the stall door and for the first time since meeting her, Kelly felt sorry for Amberly. Tears rolling down her face and eyeliner smearing down her cheeks. She had never looked more disheveled. As Kelly sat down and began to smooth over Amberly’s hair and wipe her face with some toilet paper off the roll. It was so surreal just the two of them in a bathroom stall. As she sat there patting Amberly’s back and wiping her tears away. Amberly began to talk turns out her father drank and beat not only her mother but her as well. She was being ordered to fall in line after graduation and follow her father’s footsteps to become an attorney. She wanted to become a fashion designer but her father had a powerful reach and she couldn’t make it on her own. By the end of her, story Kelly was crying too. How cruel this world was. The girl that had it all was really the lonely one. Just goes to show You can never judge a book by its cover.

That was the moment, Kelly and Amberly became friends! Here it is 20 years later and they are still best friends. They were each other’s maid of honor when they each found the love of her life. They were there to hold each other’s hands when they each gave birth. They had been through divorce. Amberly’s fame at becoming a world renown clothing designer, and now death. Here it was the anniversary of the day they became friends and Kelly was all alone now. Watching as her friend was lowered into the ground on this rainy spring day. Finding out just 6 months ago Amberly had breast cancer, it had spread and made quick work of killing her.

This was the first time in the last 20 years she would have a life event without her dear friend at her side. She knew this journey Amberly would have to make on her own but she already missed her dearly. As a lone tear fell from her eyes she couldn’t help but remember the girl she watching as her beautiful friend entered the classroom on that day with alive, and in color with a flourish…








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