I owe you an apology! I never meant to forget about you or hurt you in any way!  I love you and you know that! You are the one that I turn to in my darkest hours. You are the one I lean on when I am alone with my thoughts. You are bright you are beautiful and anyone would be lucky to know you.

I apologize that I don’t tell you as often as I should how great you are despite others opinions of you. You know how it goes we get busy with our lives and we forget the little things from time to time. Like hey, you are beautiful, or hey you are worth someone’s love. I am sorry that I never tell you how talented you are.

I apologize for not taking the time, to spend with just you. For never stopping and just spend time on you. It is always go go go in this world and it sucks that we can’t spend more time together. There is always something or someone in the way. Work, kids, spouses, etc.

I apologize that I don’t spoil you enough you deserve it and sometimes I just can’t do it. Either financially or otherwise. There is never enough time in the day anymore and never enough money to go around to do everything we want to do.

I apologize for not being more helpful during your darkest moments. For not being strong enough to wipe your tears when our mother just wouldn’t leave you alone. I apologize for not being brave enough to help you walk away from him sooner so you could avoid all the pain he caused you for so long. I apologize for not being present at the difficult times in your life, but I hope me being there now, and standing up for you when no one else would, will earn your forgiveness.

Finally, I apologize for all the suffering you endured because I wasn’t there. I am stronger now, I am braver now, I am your rock to lean on and your support beam. Trust I will never let anything happen to you again and all that pain and suffering will hopefully become a distant memory.

You are the world to me, you are beautiful, smart, funny and the greatest friend anyone could ever ask for. You have become a loving caring person despite all you have been through and I cherish you for that. Because of you, I exist, so Thank You!


For all the mistakes I have made I have regretted none of them save for this. I should tell myself I am worthy, I should tell myself more often how much I love myself because I do I just don’t show it. I spend so much time running around never taking the time for me. That is soon to change. It is my time and it is time i spread my wings and fly like the eagle I was meant to be…

<a href=””>Apology</a&gt;



<a href=””>Apology</a&gt;


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